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How do you avoid over-tiredness? | ¿Cómo evitar el sobre-cansancio?

One of the problems of over-tiredness is that it is very difficult for them to fall asleep Between being sleep deprived and trying to stay on top of the hundred things you have to do, it may be more challenging to know what their behaviour is telling you Keeping an eye on their signs is

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It is ok to ask for help | Se vale pedir ayuda

In a tv series, I heard: “Becoming a mother is not something you prepare for, it is something you give over to. You just jump in and see where it takes you” I was struck by the: and see where it takes you… Today, after 4 and a half years of becoming a mother, I

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Setting up for success | Preparándonos para tener éxito

Like with many things in life, we need as much support as we can from different parts. Establishing a good foundation for our children’s sleep is essential. These 5 key aspects will help you support them. Fixed Wake-Up Time: Yes, even during the weekend. This will help the body to get into a rhythm and

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El mejor consejo para las siestas | The ultimate tip for napping

Los niños necesitan pasar #tiempofuera, respirar aire fresco, estar expuestos a la luz natural, usar sus ojos para ver a distancia, correr, brincar, sentir diferentes texturas. Una colega que trabaja en un colegio en Finlandia me compartía que todos los alumnos, profesores y cuerpo administrativo paraban actividades a mitad del día para caminar en la cancha

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Holidays and Naps | Vacaciones y Siestas

I want you to know that I understand how challenging it may be to maintain naps while you travel or spend time with family and friends. My goal is to give you advice that you can follow and that will help you and your little one to get the rest they need. Tips: The priority

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Dejar la siesta | Stop napping

Alrededor del año y medio la mayoría de los niños dejan de dormir dos siestas para mantener solo una por los siguientes años. Muchos niños dejan esa única siesta antes de estar listos y cuando su cuerpo aún la necesita, ya sea porque las guarderías no ofrecen la opción de que duerman siesta o los

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Kids & Tiredness | Los niños y el cansancio

Think about how your body feels when you are tired. Your head is heavy. It is hard to keep your eyes open. You find it hard to concentrate. You are cranky The difference between you and a kid is that you can do something about it. You are able to recognise the feeling. You can make

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Pesadillas vs Terrores Nocturnos | Nightmares vs Night Terrors

Es fácil confundirse entre pesadillas y los terrores nocturnos. Conocer la diferencia entre los dos es la clave para determinar la mejor manera de ayudar a nuestros hijos. Las pesadillas son muy comunes y totalmente normales. A menudo alcanzan su punto máximo a los dos o tres años, cuando los niños tienen una imaginación rica

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Sleep Deprivation | Privación del sueño

“Sleep is essential for health and the immune system. Consolidates learning and memory. Improves our cognitive processes” “El sueño es fundamental para la salud y el sistema inmunológico. Consolida el aprendizaje y la memoria. Mejora nuestros procesos cognitivos”