The growth and wellbeing of your child starts with the seed of solid sleep

Like a seed, sleep needs certain factors in place in order to grow. Being aware of the impact of these factors and knowing how to use them is essential.

When we are expecting a baby, so much of life as we know it, changes. We buy or get all that is necessary to keep them comfortable, safe and happy. We move things around in our house and in OUR LIFE in order to welcome them. 

But rarely do we prepare OURSELVES for the challenges ahead. Everyone jokes about how little we are going to sleep, but did anyone talk to you about how your child’s sleep evolves, and how to foster good sleep habits and avoid bad ones? What is common, expected and what is not? Your child arrives, and suddenly sleep (or the lack of it) becomes the dominant aspect of our life as parents.

Have you heard: “there is no science to sleep, it shouldn’t be that complicated, don’t we all sleep?” The truth is, that when it comes to sleep, we all know too little.

During their first months of life, babies need us to help them fall asleep. I am sure you know how far parents go in order to make their babies sleep, and sadly by the time they are ready to do it on their own (around 6 months of age) we carry on with these practices, making them more and more dependant on us to fall asleep, and in most of the cases not doing a great job. 

There are many methods out there to help you get out of this vicious cycle, some of those methods work for some parents but not for others.  We are all in different situations and our realities have different demands, finding something that aligns with our values, priorities and lifestyles is every parent’s dream. 

After years of research and a vast understanding of sleep, Kim West LCSW-C created a method that moulds to each individual case and helps parents support their children. 

Kim’s method “the shuffle” is not a fit-all type of approach; it is not a magic formula. It IS an individualised method that helps you understand the key elements of children’s sleep in order to incorporate them into your own situation while helping your child to learn how to fall asleep independently. It requires consistency and commitment.

My main goal as a Gentle Sleep Coach is to build a plan for you and your family that you feel comfortable with. My approach is personal, I believe that having someone to reassure you, guide you and facilitate the right information for you is key.

During the process, you will be accompanying your child and being responsive, and I will be accompanying you. It will take time and patience, but it will get better.

This method is:

  • Gentle
  • Personalised
  • From 6 months old to 6 years of age
  • Breastfeeding friendly 
  • Possible to maintain nighttime feeds
  • Possible if you are co-sleeping

Can help with:

  • Bedtime Struggles
  • Short or non-existing Naps
  • Early Rising
  • Nighttime Awakenings
  • Transitions (e.g: to own room, crib to bed)

The Sleep Lady Shuffle Method ® has helped more than 1,000,000 families gently go to and stay asleep.

Are you ready to receive support and bring newfound understandings to action? In partnership and with careful consideration of your needs, desires and unique circumstance we can have your family sleeping well again.