“Sleeping is natural, falling asleep is a learnt skill”

Before your baby’s first night of sleep

For families who are expecting a baby

$50 USD

Are you expecting a child? Wouldn’t it be great to start on the right foot?

Even if this is your second baby, there are many things you can still learn.

The best way to prepare for those sleepless nights is to understand what your baby is going to go through and how you can help them consolidate good sleep habits. The things you can provide and improve and those you simply have to accept. 

This private online workshop will foster your understanding of:

  • The science of sleep for the first 6 months of life
  • How you can support your baby’s sleep during these months
  • Resources, recommendations for each month and useful tips
  • 20 minutes for Questions and Answers at the end of the session

The added benefit of this workshop is that it comes with a 20% discount to be used as you continue to learn!

Will it ever get easier?

For babies 0-5 Months old

$60 USD

It is not recommended to help babies learn how to sleep independently younger than six months given their level of physical, cognitive and emotional development. But there are plenty of things you can do during these months to support your baby and yourself. 

Intended for those families with babies from 0-5 Months of age who are struggling and need guidance to improve their situation.

This personalised mentorship includes:

  • Filling out a questionnaire to assess your situation 
  • 60 minutes consultation | 90 mins for more than one child
  • Resources, recommendations and useful tips

+$20.00 for additional child

The added benefit of this mentorship is that it comes with a 20% discount to be used as you continue to learn!

The Coaching

For 6 months to 6 years olds

Only the planAll inclusive
Sleep History
Personalised Plan
Specific Resources
Interactive Board
3 follow up calls
Daily feedback
Final call
$110 USD

$250 USD

+$50.00 for additional child

Please take into consideration that you must start the coaching no later than 10 days after the consultation, and during the coaching you should try to sleep in the same place for at least 3 weeks and be able to respect naps and sleeping schedules.

Nurture the seed of sleep, let wellness grow