For 6 mths to 6 year-olds “Only the Plan”

For those who once they understand what is needed they can go and implement on their own

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  • Gentle
  • Personalised
  • From 6 months old to 6 years of age
  • Breastfeeding friendly 
  • Possible if you wish to maintain one or more nighttime feeds
  • Possible if you are co-sleeping


Sleep History Form

Questionnaire you need to complete in order for me to fully understand your child’s situation.


During the online consultation I will clarify any doubts, explain everything you will need to know and build a plan that you feel comfortable with and that is specific to your child’s situation.

Personalised Written Plan

I will send you the plan we discussed during the consultation (20 days of coaching), in a detailed form and with step-by-step information.

Specific Resources

Each child and situation is different and getting support from all fronts is always helpful. I will gather and share resources that can assist you achieve your sleep goals.