All inclusive mentorship

This package is for those who need guidance and assistance throughout the process

  • Gentle
  • Personalised
  • From 6 months old to 6 years of age
  • Breastfeeding friendly 
  • Possible if you wish to maintain one or more nighttime feeds
  • Possible if you are co-sleeping


Sleep History Form

A questionnaire you need to complete in order for me to fully understand your child’s situation.


During the online consultation, I will clarify any doubts, explain everything you will need to know and build a plan that you feel comfortable with and that is specific to your child’s situation.

Personalised Written Plan

I will send you the plan we discussed during the consultation, in a detailed form and with step-by-step information.

Specific Resources

Each child and situation is different and getting support from all fronts is always helpful. I will gather and share resources that can assist you to achieve your sleep goals.

Personal interactive board

You will receive a link to a private board (password protected) where all the resources and links needed for the coaching will be kept, here you will be able to find my daily feedback and ask me questions (you do not need to download any app).

3 follow-up calls 30 mins each

In case something comes up and you need to discuss it with me. You have up to one year to use them.

Daily written feedback

For the duration of the coaching, you are going to submit a sleep log on a daily basis and I will send you written feedback each day.

Chat (text messages)

For the duration of the coaching you can send me text messages in case you need to and I will respond within 24 hours.

Final call of 30 mins

This call is to summarise and discuss how to move forward and share any tips and recommendations.

+$50.00 for additional child

Georgina, you are simply AMAZING. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our family. I was a mum at breaking point. You came into our lives and transformed them with your kindness, knowledge, encouragement, support and determination. It’s like a miracle the transformation that has happened in our home over the last 2 months. Georgina went at our pace constantly changing the program to suit our son’s needs, she is so kind, and supportive and listens to what is going on in your family with a genuine want to help you. You just cannot put a price on what Georgina can do or the hours and time she puts in, she really does have a special gift and we will be eternally grateful to her for making us a happier, more rested family! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We are very grateful and happy with the results. At all times I felt supported which I think was the push I needed. The sleep log, although sometimes difficult to send, was a great tool!!! Regardless of the distance I always felt you close. Knowing that I had 4 calls with you that I could use during the coaching made me feel like I had a wild card for the tough days. Thank you very much for your help and for making our son sleep independently! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My husband and I are so grateful for the support that Geo gave us, for all her help, but mainly for her patience and perseverance. Geo accompanied us every day, and after a few days we managed to see drastic changes thanks to Geo’s method our baby did not suffer and now he sleeps all night and so do we. Despite the distance we never felt far away or abandoned, on the contrary, there was always useful information that she shared with us or a message that reassured us and motivated us to continue, we learned a lot and admire the work and dedication that Georgina has with each of her families. We will be infinitely grateful for the change you have made in our family!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yes, I am ready!

1. Choose a time and date

Select The Coaching option. Please state your time zone when booking. If you can’t find a slot that works for you, contact me.

2. Pay

Make the payment at least 48 hours before the consultation

1 Child


2 Children


3+ Children


3. History Form

Submit at least 48 hours before the consultation (one per child).

4. Start keeping a sleep log

Write down when your child sleeps, and when they wake up, the more information the better, the goal is to identify patterns.

5. Attend the consultation

After you have made a booking you will receive a confirmation message with a Zoom link to our meeting, simply click on the link at the agreed time. Prepare any questions you may have.

6.  Implement the plan

Access your Board, read all the documents, ask questions, submit a daily sleep log for the duration of the coaching to receive written feedback, and book a call if you need to.

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